Delivering Unrivaled Service, Cost Efficiencies and Flexibility in an Exclusively IoT and M2M Network

Aeris’ technology advantage starts with the purpose-built M2M core network, AerCore. For wireless communications, the core network plays a central role in managing traffic, providing operational visibility and support, rating and billing. Unlike typical wireless core networks which were designed for the needs of the consumer handset market, the Aeris-built AerCore is specifically for machines.

This single-minded focus on the M2M market has led to a service offering which is unmatched in delivering cost efficiency, quality of service, and reliability. And the competitive differences are significant. For example:

  • Aeris’ patented service selection enables devices to choose from the strongest wireless signal available, leading to the best possible coverage for an M2M deployment.
  • The purpose-built SMS infrastructure bypasses typical consumer grade infrastructure that uses a store-and-forward architecture where the SMS message can be delayed by an unknown amount of time. The result is SMS messages which are delivered within 8–10 seconds.
  • Aeris customers enjoy unique and fine-grained control of communications to the end device, including, for instance, temporary dialable numbers which limit the potential for fraud and excess costs while retaining critical communications functionality.

AerCore is built on hundreds of person-years of development, resulting in over 50 patents. Importantly, Aeris maintains full control of the underlying technology within AerCore, enabling implementation of new market leading features and unique solutions that will continue to benefit you and raise the bar in the industry.

And since AerCore works across CDMA, GSM, and LTE networks, you’ll have incredible flexibility with your solutions. You can deploy any technology in any region while maintaining a single operational view into the deployment.