Improving Safety Outcomes and Enhancing Customer Relationships through Connected Vehicles

The Connected Vehicle

More and more automotive OEMs have launched connectivity solutions for their vehicles, providing everything from an enhanced customer relationship, safety and security applications, to infotainment. To realize their business ambitions, OEMs have to overcome the complexity of cellular, the inflexibility of carrier business models, and the high churn rates of end customer subscriptions.

Aeris Can Deliver the Internet of Moving Things

Aeris is a valued supplier to four automotive OEMs, including Hyundai and Honda. With Aeris, these OEMs have enhanced connectivity for the complete vehicle life cycle, from the manufacturing floor until the vehicle is destroyed, changing the business dynamics of their programs.

Reliability Through Enhanced Service Selection

One example of increasing the performance of an OEM solution is the Enhanced Service Selection implemented for Hyundai. Hyundai vehicles have multiple cellular towers from varying carriers available to the vehicle, and Aeris is able to optimize their solution so the vehicle uses the tower with the strongest signal, regardless of carrier. This dramatically improves system performance, particularly in mission critical applications.

Enhancing Performance with ECall Direct™

Aeris has also enhanced the reliability of automatic crash notifications for their automotive OEM customers. By customizing our network infrastructure, Aeris is able to improve the delivery of crash data from a vehicle to a call center agent, combined with a voice phone call established with the vehicle. OEM drive tests have found a greater than 20% improvement in the latency and reliability of ACN functionality. Simply put, Aeris vehicle telematics perform when it matters.