Your IoT Innovation Partner

Aeris is unique in its ability to provide you with a complete solution – from connectivity to application platform – for your M2M and Internet of Things (IoT) programs. Our CDMA, GSM, and LTE were built from the ground up for the unique needs of machines. Unlike other mobile network operators, Aeris is 100% dedicated to M2M and IoT; there is no consumer traffic on our network.

Because the Aeris network and technologies were built exclusively for M2M and IoT, you’ll benefit from the lowest cost and best service in the industry; plus our experts will help you create a rate plan and structure that makes sense for your unique business needs.

Unique, Global Capabilities for Machine to Machine Communication & the Internet of Things

With our complete focus on M2M and IoT deployments, you’ll benefit from Aeris’ many unique features that other mobile network operators are unable to offer:

70% The tight integration between AerCloud and the rest of the Aeris stack has proven to reduce application development time by 70%.

  • Our service is “carrier-agnostic.” In addition to our own cellular networks, we have agreements with several hundred carriers worldwide so that your devices always have the strongest signal, no matter the location or movement.
  • We can customize your global M2M or IoT program. Aeris can tailor all operational elements of your global deployment from billing to troubleshooting with our global services team and award-winning AerPort portal.
  • We can reduce your development time. Our extensive library of APIs and global team of M2M/IoT experts can get your program up and running faster.
  • We enable you to build unique and complex applications quickly. As part of our complete stack of technology, we offer the Aeris-built application enablement platform called AerCloud. The tight integration between AerCloud and the rest of the Aeris stack has proven to reduce application development time by 70%.
  • We offer industry-leading security solutions. Our network is dedicated to machine cellular traffic and we segregate traffic internally and externally, thereby limiting exposure to network layer attacks.

Most Reliable Solution in the Industry

99.995% Up-time recorded

The Aeris network “dial-tone” is always on. In fact, during the last 12 months, we have recorded greater than 99.995% up-time. Moreover, our purpose-built M2M and IoT infrastructure delivers superior connection quality and never suffers from congestion endemic of consumer networks. A study completed by a major automotive manufacturer found that Aeris delivered latency improvements for their end-to-end application of over 25% compared to a mobile network operator.

If your devices stop sending data, no one can get you back in operation faster than Aeris. Using the AerPort portal and our patent-pending crowdsourcing software, you can troubleshoot outages faster. Our real-time data will help you identify the source of the problem instantly, and no time is wasted waiting for a mobile operator to trace the problem.

Unmatched Global Service Program

The Aeris global support program called Infinity Support™ is backed by the five promises of customer care: commitment, responsiveness, transparency, pro-activeness, and empowerment. Traditional mobile operators are accustomed to the needs of the consumer handset market, and do not have processes and tools optimized for servicing M2M deployments. You need a provider that understands the complex mix of network, application, and device interplay. The global Aeris Infinity Support™ program is staffed exclusively by M2M/IoT experts, and we don’t stop until your issue is resolved.

Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

Most M2M and IoT providers claim low data usage rates, but they hide fees for every element of the program lifecycle. Aeris’ costs and fees are totally transparent, and our tools to monitor and control your deployment are unmatched. Starting with rate plans custom crafted to fit your unique business model and backed with alerts and alarms on traffic, we enable our customers to control costs in real time.

More, by providing you with real-time visibility into device status, location and traffic patterns, we help you reduce the operational costs of monitoring and trouble-shooting deployed devices. Aeris customers report that on average, their operational costs are $2,000/month less per 10,000 devices deployed. In total, an Aeris customer can realize a 2x reduction in the total cost of their M2M program compared to a similar solution from a mobile network operator. For more detail, see our real-world case study on real-world case study on total cost of ownership.

Whether you need an M2M solution for commercial fleets, consumer vehicles, security/alarm, healthcare, point-of-sale, monitoring & control or a utility, our seasoned team of experts will ensure that your M2M or IoT solution gives you a competitive edge and helps you to exceed business goals. Contact us to discuss the unique requirements of your business and how Aeris can help you to develop a M2M solution that sets you apart from the pack.