IoT & M2M Sensor Data Platform

AerCloud is an IoT cloud platform for collecting, managing and analyzing sensor data for Internet of Things (IoT) and machine-to-machine (M2M) applications.  Built by Aeris from the ground-up to handle the most demanding IoT and M2M applications, AerCloud enables applications to seamlessly scale up to millions of devices while ensuring bullet-proof reliability.


Built for Scale

At the core of AerCloud is a highly scalable time-series database designed to meet the challenges of scale, speed and rich analytics that innovative IoT applications demand.  Delivered as a platform-as-a-service (PaaS), AerCloud offers a cost-effective, pay-as-you-grow model which minimizes up-front expenses and enables nearly unlimited future growth.  Unlike most Application Enablement Platforms (AEPs), AerCloud can take your application from prototype to full scale production.

Key Functionality

  • Secure, reliable collection, storage, analysis and publishing of M2M and IoT data that scales to millions of users and billions of devices as needed
  • A rules engine that processes data in near real time which powers sophisticated  alerting functionality in applications
  • Industry standard protocols for collecting data from devices including CoAP and MQTT as well as support for custom protocols
  • REST API that supports both pushing data to applications and applications pulling data on-demand
  • A secure data sharing interface that enables sensor data to be consumed by applications across your enterprise or by 3rd parties


Build the most compelling applicationsUsing AerCloud allows your development resources to focus on the core parts of your application that provide you competitive advantage in the market rather than spending time re-inventing the wheel building data infrastructure.
Remove the limits to growing your businessAerCloud gives you the ability to scale to millions of devices as needed.
Provide bullet-proof serviceWith an architecture designed for carrier class reliability, AerCloud ensures your data is reliability collected and processed without delays or painful outages.
Get to market fasterWith your application developers focusing on your application rather than data infrastructure, time to market is reduced by up to 70%.
Lower your infrastructure costsAerCloud’s pay-as-you-grow pricing model means no upfront infrastructure investment or need to do capacity planning. As your number of devices increases, your cost per device falls.

Solving the Sensor Data Challenge

Organizations building IoT and M2M applications are faced with the choice of either building their data infrastructure in-house or using a vendor solution.  The in-house option often looks deceptively easy.   Handling sensor data coming in off devices is a big data problem that poses serious technical challenges.  At small scale, the problem can be handled with general purpose databases but as the number of devices grows and the sophistication of the application increases, the data challenge quickly becomes a resource intensive distraction from the core application.  AerCloud does the heavy-lifting when it comes to device data collection, storage and analysis enabling your organization to focus on making a great application rather than data plumbing.

Full Connectivity Integration

AerCloud can be used with any internet-connected device such as the Intel Edison Board and Gateway regardless of connectivity method but integrates seamlessly with Aeris IoT connectivity service.  All network signaling information such as device registrations on the network are made available through AerCloud. Access to network signaling data vastly improves the ability of applications to manage devices, particularly battery powered ones that may only be on the network a few minutes per day to improve battery life.