Enhancing Service Delivery and Reducing Costs through Always-Available Connections to Your Entire Fleet

Securing Reliable Connectivity for Commercial Fleets in any Location

As more commercial fleets enjoy the benefits of M2M fleet telematics, customers are seeking more reliable connections, with flexible rate plans and seamless coverage across geographic areas, including remote locations. Demands are also evolving from the simple need to manage location, routing, and fuel costs to requirements for mission-critical reliability, connectivity for life, and innovative market differentiation. These demands helped Aeris to create comprehensive fleet management solutions for your business needs.

Flexible and Customized M2M Solutions for Comprehensive Fleet Management Solutions

The benefits of transportation telematics are increasingly apparent as fleets use the solutions to enhance service delivery performance, increase service radius, reduce payroll and cut down on idle truck times.

500,000 long haul trucks on the Aeris network

With more than 500,000 long haul trucks on the Aeris network, we are adept at delivering innovative, customized M2M and IoT solutions that help you differentiate from the competition, stay on top of technology investment, and provide more value to your commercial fleet customers. We can make your solution deliver data faster and more reliably, wherever your vehicles go.

Aeris provides a seamless footprint of multiple cellular carriers which includes 100 percent interstate coverage and the highest level of reliability for mission-critical communications.

100% interstate coverage

You’ll benefit from Aeris’ unique capabilities to decrease the latency of data transmission and optimize an always-on connection, ensuring your fleet telematics solution is best in class. Aeris supports all variants of cellular technology, (2G, 3G, or 4G LTE for GSM and CDMA) and can be your unbiased partner in determining which one is right for your solution, based on cost, application requirements, and longevity.

Aeris APIs can help you automate your program and increase visibility through a single interface. With the Aeris AerPort device management portal, you’ll gain access to a connectivity enablement platform that helps you reduce costs and improve efficiency with real-time visibility to devices and the network. This highly scalable platform can interface with hundreds of APIs, and AerPort’s unique dashboard provides an intuitive interface to access information within the Aeris HLR, network, and data systems.

We can customize a unique rate plan for each and every fleet customer, maximizing the profitability of your business model. The cost of airtime can greatly impact your business profitability, and most carriers don’t offer plans that can meet your unique business needs.