Increasing Transaction Reliability and Customer Satisfaction with Reliable Point-of-Sale Connections

Security Requirements and Outdated Technology Require Upgraded Point-of-Sale Possibilities

Success with a M2M POS deployment requires a reliable connection for hassle-free transactions and strong security for customer privacy. Wireless POS systems still face challenges, including the need to establish reliable M2M coverage anytime, anywhere–especially in areas with high consumer traffic. Outdated technologies, such as phone lines and dial-up connections, slow transactions and decrease reliability.

Facilitating Convenient, Fast and Secure Transactions with End-to-End M2M Solutions

M2M POS applications are transforming the way merchants do business. From taxi cabs to storefronts, more and more companies are seeing the opportunities and value of cellular connectivity at the point of sale. Whether you need to process sale transactions throughout your store, set up wireless financial transactions at outlets and ATMs, or enable shoppers to make credit or debit card payments or use ATMs, cellular can expedite the purchasing process, increase the productivity of your team and improve service to your customers.

Aeris solutions are Made for Machines, offering you the most reliable and flexible CDMA and GSM M2M and IoT solutions available today. By working with an operator and a technology provider like Aeris, you’ll benefit from end-to-end M2M solutions that are built to tackle the most demanding applications. For POS systems in areas with high consumer traffic, Aeris provides a seamless footprint of multiple cellular carriers available to the device. This seamless network reliability allows M2M POS transactions to be reliably and rapidly processed.

It may be unclear which technology (2G, 3G, LTE) is right for your program and how long that technology will be supported, but Aeris customers need not worry; Aeris supports all variants of cellular technology and is an unbiased partner in determining which one is right based on cost, application requirements, and longevity.

Further, Aeris provides the most secure access in the industry with a virtual private network overlaid on top of the public cellular carrier networks. These VPN network connections are already encrypted and provide secure access. Reliability and security are assured because all access points are firewalled and only M2M and IoT traffic traverses the Aeris network.