Flexibility in Billing Serving the Unique Needs of M2M and IoT Applications

The IoT and M2M markets are characterized by an incredible diversity of use cases, applications, and business models. Unlike the consumer handset market, where customers typically fall into one of several rate plan buckets, M2M and IoT applications may have thousands of permutations and combinations of usage models and policies.

Aeris’ billing and rating engine—AerB/OSS™—was designed specifically to meet the needs of the complex IoT and M2M world. Built from the ground-up by Aeris, AerB/OSS has nearly infinite flexibility in M2M device lifecycle billing management (during activation, suspension, etc.) and supports a myriad of rollover and pooling policies. When used in conjunction with AerCore™, the power of the solution is multiplied, as customers can make automated rate plan adjustments based on real-time information of what’s happening on the network. For example, with AerB/OSS™, it is easy to automatically move a device to a high data volume rate plan based upon a pre-determined usage threshold.

Importantly, AerB/OSS™ boasts an “internet-scale” architecture, running in the cloud and supporting nearly limitless scalability. Currently handling over 200M transactions per day, AerB/OSS is designed for the needs of the M2M/IoT market now and in the future.