Boosting Productivity and Reducing Costs with Improved Remote M2M Monitoring and Control

Businesses are turning to remote M2M monitoring and control of commercial and industrial applications for a growing set of services, from materials processing and agricultural management to building automation and food production.

Identifying Services to Prevent Security Breaches, Lower Costs, and Provide Reliable Support

Regardless of the application, you may face several potential challenges when deploying a M2M monitoring and control solution. Unreliable networks result in interrupted services, security breaches, and high implementation and maintenance costs. Many M2M solution providers do not have the flexibility to serve the specific applications requirements that you need to customize your service.

Flexible, Simple M2M Monitoring and Control Solutions for Diversified Applications

The Aeris complete stack of solutions and cellular network offers features and services that simplify remote monitoring and control deployment. A M2M monitoring and control solution tuned to your needs has demonstrated a reduction in downtime, an increase in productivity and reduced costs.

A partnership with Aeris can help you differentiate your product from the competition, optimize your technology investment, and provide high-value to your customers. When it comes to reliability, no cellular carrier can top the Aeris network to ensure your critical data is available when you need it. While unreliable transmission of information can fail in rural areas where connection is poor, Aeris provides a seamless footprint of multiple cellular carriers in addition to our own network.

Aeris APIs can help you automate your program and increase visibility through a single interface. With the Aeris AerPort device management portal, you’ll gain access to a connectivity enablement platform that helps you reduce costs and improve efficiency with real-time visibility to devices and the network. This highly scalable platform can interface with hundreds of APIs, and AerPort’s unique dashboard provides an intuitive interface to access information within the Aeris HLR, network, and data systems.

Our system works via a virtual private network overlaid on top of the public cellular carrier networks, allowing Aeris to provide the most secure access in the industry. These VPN network connections are already encrypted for secure access. Reliability and security are assured because all access points are firewalled, and only M2M traffic traverses the Aeris network.

And we all know that the cost of airtime can greatly impact your business’ profitability. Aeris provides a custom-crafted cost structure that meets your business model requirements and provides the industry’s lowest total cost of ownership for M2M monitoring and control applications.