Aeris GSP AerCloud Module is a Network Value Add

Average revenue per unit (ARPU) for M2M connectivity services is a fraction of the total M2M value chain. Moreover, connectivity-only revenue will likely erode over time. You can fight back using Aeris GSP, moving up the value chain to capture a greater share of revenue through data storage, retrieval, and data sharing services; real-time device or account alert services; and data analysis services.

Revenue Beyond Connectivity

With Aeris GSP, you’ll have access to AerCloud, a cloud based data management service that simplifies and lowers enterprise cost of data collection and storage, and speeds enterprise application deployment timelines. AerCloud provides secure data storage in the cloud and provides APIs and access keys for easy data subscription, batch retrieval, and sharing. Charging is offered on data access volume, so your revenues increase when your customers expand the value of the collected data by sharing it with their own business partners.

Revenue Beyond Data Management

On top of core data management capabilities, AerCloud can also mine collected M2M data both offline (Big Data) and in real-time (Fast Data) to extract operable, decision-making information and deliver true value for your customers’ businesses. You can supplement the data management value even further with data analysis and alerts.