Delivering Unparalleled Scalable, Cost-Effective and Reliable M2M and IoT Programs

The Aeris IoT platform powers its service offerings. Based on over 20 years of experience managing millions of devices, coupled with over 50 patents, the Aeris technology infrastructure sets a new bar in terms of cost-efficiency, scalability, and reliability. Hundreds of enterprises and service providers rely on Aeris technology every day to deliver on their mission-critical M2M and IoT programs.

The Aeris enterprise and operator offerings are delivered as infrastructure-as-a-service (M2M PaaS) out of multiple data centers in the US, Europe and Asia Pacific. The Aeris platform consists of various technology layers that are modular so you can select only what you need and even incorporate your own connectivity technology or carrier/operator of your choice.

The AerCloud application enablement platform sits at the top of the technology stack. This next generation platform makes it simple for M2M application developers to collect and store machine data, mine the data for critical business insights, and securely publish the data to applications and third parties. M2M application developers can leverage proven and hardened data management components and standardized APIs, resulting in reductions of up to 10x in application development time and cost while providing increased scalability, reliability, and flexibility.

The AerPort connectivity enablement platform helps organizations reduce costs and improve efficiency when managing and monitoring their M2M programs. Through AerPort’s simple and intuitive interface, customers can easily manage devices across the entire lifecycle. Moreover, the advanced functionality along with real-time visibility and alerting enables customers to better monitor the status of their machines, allowing them to troubleshoot and resolve problems quickly after they occur. Built on cutting-edge cloud technologies, AerPort leads the industry in scalability and is built with extensive API-level integration options, enabling high levels of automation and control.

AerCore is the proprietary and patented M2M core network infrastructure, which processes hundreds of millions of M2M transactions per day. Unlike other M2M service providers which are leveraging the standard mobility core network that was built for consumer devices, Aeris has developed AerCore from the ground-up exclusively for machines, enabling a level of control, flexibility, and efficiency that is unmatched by alternatives.

AerB/OSS is the billing and operations infrastructure that powers the underlying service. Unlike standard B/OSS platforms, AerB/OSS is built specifically for machine communications. It offers nearly limitless flexibility on billing options – including lifetime and event-based billing models – enabling a much better fit with the myriad of M2M business models.

AerVoyance™ provides visibility, insight, alerts, and actionable information about your device’s usage, performance, and costs.

AerConnect is the Aeris cellular network for CDMA, GSM, and LTE, including 2G and 3G. Unlike typical M2M service providers, Aeris takes a “technology agnostic” stance to wireless technologies, and focuses on what’s the best fit for the customer. In addition, in concert with advanced functionality from AerCore, customers can actively and dynamically switch between wireless technologies to ensure the best possible coverage for their mission-critical M2M programs. Through an extensive network of carrier relationships, customers have access to over 500 carriers worldwide through AerConnect.

Neo-Self Service IoT by AerisThis online marketplace enables any company to easily develop, launch, and manage innovative IoT solutions that require cellular connectivity, while dramatically reducing the time, cost, and hassle of obtaining connectivity from traditional cellular operators.