Jumpstart IoT is a comprehensive program to help mobile operators develop a growing and profitable IoT services business.  Jumpstart IoT combines the proven machine services delivery technologies, service operations, and technical support expertise of Aeris with the enterprise applications, customization and consulting experience of Tech Mahindra.

Operators benefit from low-cost, service delivery infrastructure, expert service operations and support escalation resources, as well as market ready applications that fit your market and your sales capabilities.  With Jumpstart IoT mobile operators can shore up current machine service delivery rollouts or initiate new services and can expect the following results:

  • Improving their share of Machine-to-Machine contracts through packaged application sales
  • Growing contract value by adding a share of application usage revenue to connectivity revenues
  • Preparing to profit from the IoT data deluge, with a scalable managed data services infrastructure

Program Process

MNO_IoT_Growth_v2-2The program involves teams from Tech Mahindra, Aeris, and the Operator planning and managing a complete IoT services rollout.  Jumpstart IoT has a technical track and a business track.

The program’s technical track involves determining the services infrastructure required to minimize service delivery costs and compliance with the local regulatory environment.  This track also details and implements streamlined business processes, while minimizing the impact of system deployment on Operator resources (e.g. IT and network engineering resources).

The business program track involves analysis of the operators’ sales objectives and capabilities, combined with a market analysis to determine which M2M verticals will offer the best returns. A business plan is developed to highlight the Jumpstart IoT program economics for evaluation and management. Jumpstart IoT Go-to-Market planning teams deliver a complete service launch plan including marketing messaging, sales and channel training, collateral, and pricing recommendations.

Program Economics


As stated above, the program helps Operators build and sustain profitable IoT services.  Aeris GSP™ managed services platform drives out service delivery costs improving the bottom line, while dramatically increasing service definition flexibility, capturing a broader set of application needs and growing the top line.  In addition, Operators benefit from Tech Mahindra applications, both in terms of expanding customer reach, but also from keeping a share of applications revenue in return for reselling and billing for the applications.

With Jumpstart IoT, capital outlay is minimized as a result of highly efficient system deployment architectures, and system integration strategies minimize the impact on IT and other operator resources.

Program Technology Elements

Jumpstart IoT involves technologies on two fronts.  First, are the applications that deliver high value to Enterprise customers when combined with Operator connectivity.  These applications, from Tech Mahindra, cover key vertical markets critical to the success of any IoT program. The second technology front is the Aeris GSP service delivery platform. Aeris GSP is a second generation machine connectivity services platform that reduces service delivery costs while adding efficiency and flexibility to the Operator’s services portfolio.


Tech Mahindra has developed a set of 30+ applications across a range of industry vertical sectors, including:

  • Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance
  • Energy & Utilities Solution;
  • Retail, Consumer Packaged Goods, Logistics, and Infrastructure;
  • Health and Life Sciences Solutions;
  • Manufacturing Solutions; and
  • Smart City Solutions.

Example applications include:

  • Usage Based Insurance
  • ATM Facility Remote Monitoring
  • Energy Management Solution (EMS)
  • Cell Tower Monitoring
  • Automated Meter Reading
  • Smart Vending
  • Remote Patient Monitoring
  • Vehicle Diagnostics

Working together with Operator sales and marketing teams, Tech Mahindra will ready a subset of applications for delivery and arm Operator and channel sales teams to go out and win business. Additional applications can be added over time to further the Operator’s customer reach and grow the business.

Aeris GSP

First generation machine data services are delivered via a shared service platform based in the cloud.  This managed services model offers cost advantages and efficiencies for the managed service provider, the Mobile Operator, and Enterprise customers. This service delivery model has been made invalid in many locales due to local or national government regulations and due to Operator or Enterprise customer security concerns. Aeris GSP is the first carrier grade, managed connectivity services platform that can be deployed in the Operator’s operating country or region, while still delivering cost advantages over internal operator systems.  This is a unique characteristic in the marketplace. With the widest range of deployment options in the market, Aeris GSP affords Operators a deployment model that meets their regulatory, policy, and economic requirements without the compromises of first generation solutions.


Enterprise Portal Reports Module

The Aeris GSP services platform provides operators with all the tools to streamline service administration, including account and user management, rate plan management and assignment, the setting of device roaming zones, and automated rate plan changes.  Aeris GSP also provides enterprise customer users with the APIs and tools to order SIMs, provision new devices, manage device connectivity, set and manage alarms for unexpected device behavior, and reports on device activity in near real time.

The combination of Tech Mahindra and Aeris in this program checks all the boxes for an effective IoT services deployment strategy.