Aeris GSP Drives Out Service Delivery Costs

With current operator cost levels for service delivery, customer acquisition, technical support, and network asset allocation, it can be difficult to see the rewards when average revenue per unit (ARPU) for M2M is 1/10th or less than that of handset ARPU. As a result, finding ways to reduce the overall cost of M2M service delivery is imperative to operators.

Some operators have built successful M2M businesses by targeting the most lucrative M2M solutions, but this is not a sustainable strategy. With Aeris GSP, you’ll reduce your service delivery costs enough to service the entire M2M opportunity. In addition, users of Aeris GSP have successfully negotiated away a portion of 30–50% of allocated costs to dramatically improve the M2M business financials.

Aeris GSP reduces service delivery costs with the following attributes:

  • Fully Integrated, Single Vendor M2M Services Software Stack
  • M2M-Optimized Operations and Support
  • Cost-Reduced Network Infrastructure

Fully Integrated M2M Services Stack

15+ years experience in delivering M2M services

Working with Aeris means benefitting from a completely integrated M2M solutions software stack developed over more than 15 years of delivering M2M services. The advantages of this cannot be underestimated.

Service delivery costs only begin with the underlying network nodes; integration costs, for example, are recurring and can become complicated and onerous as the number of systems, vendors, and system software updates increase. Aeris GSP, a complete M2M services software stack, is developed and maintained by Aeris, which means it eliminates most recurring integration costs for operators.

With Aeris GSP, your deployment integration efforts are minimized as Aeris manages the system and database integration and maintenance. Aeris is also in complete control of the software and system instrumentation for monitoring processes for service reliability and for unique events to enhance elements used in charging.

M2M Optimized Operations and Support

You may be underestimating the support burden for M2M. Focused today on network and service assurance, M2M service providers are expected to assure data delivery—that is, ensure data is delivered from the device to the customer data center. With Aeris GSP, you’ll leverage highly efficient support and operations functions that are tailored to M2M. In fact, experience indicates that Aeris delivers a 4:1 advantage over mobile operators on first call problem resolution.

4:1 advantage over mobile operators on first call problem resolution

Aeris’ Made-for-Machines™ operations and support organization, coupled with complete control of systems software and instrumentation, is a powerful tool in controlling costs when resolving your device data communications problems.

Cost Reduced Network Infrastructure

Aeris leverages the latest data center and cloud technologies to reduce infrastructure and scalability costs for service delivery systems. Moreover, because the system is Aeris-developed, 3rd party use and capacity licenses are all but eliminated from your underlying costs with Aeris GSP.