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Heavy Reading Features Aeris Communications in its latest White Paper on the Future of Machine-to-Machine Application Enablement Platforms

Shifts in the M2M market are driving new Application Enablement Platform requirements

Santa Clara, CA – October 1, 2013 – Aeris Communications, the Made for Machines™ technology and service provider, is the subject of a white paper released today called “The Future of M2M Application Enablement Platforms.” The white paper, which is written by Heavy Reading, the telecom research arm of the Light Reading Communications Network, offers new market insights about how Application Enablement Platforms will evolve and gain strategic importance as a product category, providing support for developers to create and operate M2M applications.

“Aeris’ Application Enablement Platform, AerCloud, offers the optimal AEP infrastructure to leverage and multiply the value of data to M2M solution providers, application developers and connected product manufacturers,” said Ari Banerjee, senior analyst at Heavy Reading. “With AerCloud developers have access to key functionality for their M2M applications, including collecting, storing and managing data from remote devices, mining this data for critical business insights, and securely publishing this data to applications and 3rd parties.”

Other highlights of the white paper include:

  • Details on the emerging M2M shift from simply connecting remote devices to providing  more intelligent, knowledge-driven M2M solutions
  • How enterprises can use this data-driven approach to open up new revenue opportunities by getting closer to the needs of their end customers, thereby successfully elevating their value proposition
  • A deeper look into next generation AEPs as cloud-based platforms that enable companies to build innovative, flexible and scalable M2M applications quickly and easily at a fraction of the cost of on-premise alternatives

“In authoring this white paper, Heavy Reading is underscoring the value of Aeris’ complete M2M technology stack. With it, we are able to deliver deeper insight into device data, in real time, and enable our customers to extract key information, resulting in vastly improved economics,” said Raj Kanaya, Chief Marketing Officer for Aeris Communications. “This white paper provides an important future-looking perspective into how enterprises will use and benefit from the next generation Application Enablement Platforms to build and deploy more reliable and intelligent M2M applications.”

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