The Big-name Drivers in Telematics, Influencers Of Our Times

Congratulations again to our Vice President of Automotive Strategy, Michelle Avary, who has been included as one of “The Big-name Drivers in Telematics, Influencers Of Our Times” by

Often when we think of drivers in relation to telematics, we’re talking about the front-line operators sat behind the wheel of an HGV or courier truck day in, day out, with their little smartphone app or hardware device plugged into the diagnostic port of the vehicle tracking just about everything they do, from how heavy their feet are to how alert they remain as the day winds down.

But that’s not the type of driver I want to talk about today. No these are the industry drivers, the ones who have grabbed telematics by its horns and wrestled it into a certain direction, secure in the knowledge that they know where the future lies and they want to bring the rest of us along for the ride.

So without further ado, here’s our list of some of the top telematics industry drivers and what they’re doing to help push it forward (to see the full list of’s seven industry drivers, please visit


MichelleAvaryMichelle Avary – VP of automotive strategy at Aeris Communications


One of the biggest events for telematics industry heads and enthusiasts each year is the Connected Car Expo, which brings together representatives from the automotive and technology industries to look at some of the newest developments that might benefit both branches. It was a roaring success in 2014 and looks set to be a big hit in 2015 as well, and none of that would be possible without key members of the advisory board, like VP of automotive strategy at Aeris Communications, Michelle Avary.

In her role at Aeris, Avary oversees the overall automotive strategy, product planning and business development of the firm, which itself helps companies build machine to machine networks using its cellular network built specifically with M2M communication in mind. With over 16 years of working with vehicle focused telematics and experience working at companies like Toyota, Avary has one of the most accomplished, telematics focused backgrounds of anyone on this list.

Today, beyond her efforts at Aeris, her influence over the industry can be felt most keenly by her position on the Connected Car Expo’s board, where she has an important role in its management and focus. That gives her a huge influence on the industry, which she has repeatedly used to help push it forward.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it, our top seven telematics industry drivers. Some of them work from within others without, but it’s clear to see that each and every one of them has the potential to take the telematics industry in different directions. No doubt they will all continue to talk up its benefits and will be there as it grows over the next decade.

That said, I’m sure we missed a few. Who are some of the biggest industry drivers that you can think of?


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