Connected World

Connecting Devices and M2M Applications

The traditional approach to connecting devices can be time consuming and costly, but M2M providers are looking to make development a little bit easier with new M2M solutions and programs.

Today, Aeris Communications,, announced AerCloud, a platform that will enable easier development of M2M applications. AerCloud is the middleware that sits between the devices, providing data management and analytics for automotive, healthcare, utilities, retail, and asset-tracking applications.

The company says connected devices and applications don’t need to communicate directly with each other, but rather through AerCloud. This not only reduces development time and costs, but also increases reliability of the application.

Raj Kanaya, chief marketing officer, Aeris Communications, points to four big differentiators of AerCloud: scalability for billions of devices, analytics, complete M2M stack, and the economics and pricing model. Aeris is offering a freemium-based, self-serve pricing model, which Kanaya says will move the M2M industry from a more complex method to a simpler model.

AerCloud can be used with any M2M connected device and communication technology and also works with Aeris’ M2M network service. This platform will enable companies to come to market faster with an M2M application, but will also help move the industry from data delivery to data delivery plus intelligence, says Kanaya.

M2M providers continue to come to market with new solutions and programs to enable applications to be developed faster and at a lower cost. Today, Sierra Wireless,, launched its Sierra Wireless Solution Partner Program and the Sierra Wireless M2M Solution Exchange.

The partner program promotes integrated wireless solutions, and as part of the program, the Sierra Wireless M2M Solution Exchange showcases real world solutions that have been proven and deployed across fleet and asset management, digital signage, business continuity, and the smart grid.

At launch, there are 28 solutions from 18 partners that are using Sierra Wireless AirLink gateways for 2G, 3G, and 4G networks. The program will expanded throughout the next year to include solutions incorporating other Sierra Wireless Technologies.

The M2M industry is undergoing a transformation, as more devices continue to become connected. Providers are meeting the needs of the industry with new platforms and programs that make it easier to deploy M2M solutions.