Aeris Communications Certifies Janus Plug-In Modem to Accelerate Customer Time to Market

Aeris Communications partners with Janus Remote Communications to shorten machine-to-machine development cycle, ease hardware integration and eliminate device certification requirements

San Jose, Calif., August 21, 2012—Aeris® Communications, the only cellular carrier built exclusively for machines, today announced its partnership with Janus Remote Communications, an industry leader in M2M products and solutions, to certify its new plug-in modem that decreases development cycles and eliminates device certification, speeding customer M2M innovations to market.

With the Janus Terminus plug-in modems, customers will have a cost-effective solution that easily integrates into new and existing hardware and requires no device certification when deployed on the Aeris cellular network.

“Our Terminus plug-in modem shortens the development cycle and gives customers the reliability and performance advantage of Aeris’ cellular network built exclusively for M2M communication,” said Dave Jahr, General Manager, Janus Remote Communications. “We’re pleased to partner with Aeris and play a role in driving innovation in the industry with a true M2M pioneer.”

“Aeris is focused on optimizing the entire development cycle for machine communications,” said Mark Cratsenburg, VP of sales and marketing. “This focus has us looking for targeted solutions – like Janus – to help businesses save development time and costs while getting to market faster. Aeris will continue to proactively seek M2M ecosystem partners that make it simple to create solutions that encourage innovation and propel new technologies forward in the industry.”

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Press Contact:

Jason Tong
Aeris Communications
(408) 557-1900